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After a chapter13 bankruptcy which involved stripping a second mortgage held by CFMC, they started performing hard inquires on my credit every three months dropping my credit score 7 points each time. Kick me when I'm down!!

I contacted all 3 credit reporting agencies and placed a security freeze to stop anyone from doing hard inquiries on my credit report without my consent. The agencies will contact me before releasing any information. I then contacted the federal trade commission(877-382-4357) and made formal a complaint. The FTC recommended to call the Better Business Bureau and they could help me.

I did so today and should take about 30 days. Also sent letters to both state senators in Washington DC to inform them of Citi's behavior.

Will wait and see. Good Luck To All

Monetary Loss: $4.

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Redfield, Arkansas, United States #783391

Glad you posted this. I haven't even went through bankruptcy of any kind, but since my mortgage company goes through CFMC I have also been getting these inquiries ever so often.

Now that you mentioned it, it probably has been about every three months. I'm sure it's been going on for a while, I never noticed it until I became a member of credit karma who keeps sending me notifications of these hard inquiries. It was not until today that I realized it was affecting my credit score tremendously. Now I'm on a mission to fix this problem.

Thanks for the great advise to help get me started.

If you found any other solutions since this post. They would be greatly apprectiated.


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After contacting these agencies to include sending letters to my senators and congressman in Washington my credit was repaired and jumped 19 points in 2 weeks!!! 8


You also should contact the Attorney Generals Office.

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