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We lived in our home with our 2 children for 15 years, I had lost my income, which was a good income. Then my husbands company ended up decreasing his income by 12% so BIG income change.

We wrote hardship letters over and over again tried everything we knew to get help, just lower our payment that was all we wanted but instead they made it higher and higher even though we were making less than half than what we use to, so they said they were going to forclose, we moved out 2 years ago and the house is still sitting there.

I would love to hear from other people.

Monetary Loss: $80.

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No, buying a home is still just as easy today as it was last year for pelpoe that REALLY qualify.With a 20% down payment it sure makes it easier.But it's more than just your score Your income has to support the new payment and your current debt load. This is called Debt-To-Income ratio. Lenders have their own guidelines, so you may not qualify with one lender, but might with another, but everything is risk based, which means the higher the risk, the higher the rate.We would have to look at ALL the pieces of your puzzle to see if we could make the picture(transaction) fit together.The easiest thing to do is to get pre-qualified, it doesn't cost you a thing, and then you won't have to worry about What ifs .You would know I would definately work with a broker if you think you have Issues , they typically have non-traditional lenders in their portfolio that entertain non A-paper deals, where as a bank can only lend THEIR products, so if you were turned down at your local bank, you may get approved with another lender.Good Luck


I feel for you both, I know how it is, they told us they were going to forclouse on us over a year ago now so we moved out and had to get a rental just to see our home still sitting there empty and they still have not forclosed. NOW their wanting to work with us, but of course their terms are not worth excepting, the want it all, they already got their money from our goverment now they want more, more, more,I don't understand why the goverment is not stepping in here and doing something about this.

I would take my home back in a heart beat if they offered something reasonable!!!!! I heard there is a law suit against them for just this very thing, Im looking into it. If I find anything out I will post it. If anyone knows more about it please let me know.

We need someone on our side to help us keep our homes.

It's so unfair, it makes me sick. Good luck to everyone


I have been reading many of the posts here..our story is very similar...I had excellent credit when my loan with AmeriQuest was sold to Citifinancial...Now after a work related injury,knee replacement,and 2 rounds with Staph infection,I have been off work for 17 income reduced to 2/3 from workers comp. I have sent letters, made calls, my attorney has called them and still they refuse to listen to reason, I cannot make $600 payments when my income is less than $800 a month..needless to say we continue to pay what we can and the calls and threats have not stopped!

I am behind $1900 and now they are threatening to Foreclose on the property...of course their calculation is well over $2500, I can never figure out all the extra charges they seem to tack on!

It saddens me that a person who has a legitimate reason for help cannot get it, but there are people standing in the welfare line everyday with an outstretched hand, healthy people who can work but are just too lazy to do it,and that person stands in the grocery line with steak while I buy a pack of hotdogs!

Something is wrong with that! Pissed in Missouri!


I'm having similar issues. I have a ridiculous mortgage with Citifinancial and have sent paperwork, made phone calls, to no avail.

Everytime I explain something to them the loan is moved to another office further away. I'm getting sick of them hounding me when my mortgage is ridiculous. Income has been lost here and that has been proven. The house is NOT worth what the mortgage balance is.

No money has come off the principal in 8 years since they took over the loan. They say I am behind a payment when I never missed a payment at all. My mortgage restructure was denied stating that I can afford the payment since it is only 38% of the income. This doesn't account for anything but taxes, actual mortgage pmt, and homeowners insurance.

Ummm hello other bills need paid to live in the house. This company is glutenous. They have ruined my credit, told me they don't want the house back, offered a short sale but I don't want that I want this house. Why give them money on a short sale when I still need a place to live anyway and they will have taken all my money.

The laws don't protect people unless you have money to spend, and if you had that you would be able to make the mortgage. This is shameful for such practices to be allowed.

We can thank our greedy leaders for allowing such ruination. All of this is making me a very bitter person!!!!

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