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we are trying to get the interest rate lowered and they wont even talk to us they said they wont because they dont do single wides they did it when they gave me this loan i had to go with this loan years ago because we had no income and my husband had got hurt we where paying 1000.00 a month no problem until he got hurt now how in the world do i get out of this 12% interest rate i guess after living her 20 years i will have to lose it to citifiancal because the branch manager wont help and if that aint bad enough the branch manager judy calls me every month and tells me my mortgage is due i have only made one late payment why must she call and harrass me every month please at end of my rope please help.

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i dont know what to do i financed a mobile home now several years later and the economy taking a *** now we cant do *** with it i dont want to lose it i have lived here 20 years thank you for your input

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:sigh That's a crying shame...we understand completely this same company REPOSSESSED my husbands car after 4 of the 6 year loan (ALMOST all went to interest because they told us we STILL owe $6,000 for a car we don't even OWN anymore!!!) And they wonder why people go ballastic and go into their offices with guns? Good thing they don't have any in our city.... What RECOURSE do people have anymore????

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